Food & Wine

There is a vast choice of gastronomic proposals in the territory of Cisterna d’Asti. Together with the wonderful natural environment, rich of vineyards and of a widely uncontaminated wooded land, the cultural offer of the Museum of Ancient Arts and Crafts, the gastronomic specialties of our territory can be the idea for a trip or for a short journey. In the restaurants and taverns of Cisterna d’Asti, you can taste of course our wines. The best way to appreciate them is a pairing with a typical dish of our territory. You can also taste and buy “Dragone” and all the other wines of our production also in the Regional Wine Shop of Roero, in the restaurants and in all the wine shops of the area.



Ras-ciamuraje is the ancient name of the men from Cisterna, and derives from the fact that many of them “scraped off the walls” (the description in Piemontese dialect) to collect the saltpetre which has been used to produce gunpowder until the Napoleonic wars. Nowadays Rus-ciamuraje is a tavern deeply rooted in the traditional taste and products and can offer them in a familiar style, in a room decorated with post-modern and vintage furniture. The wine list offers a wide range of wines from Cisterna d’Asti doc, together with some special wines from Langa and Roero and some emergent Italian and international areas. Ms Simona Vaudano, dreamer and innovator, manages the tavern, while her mother, Lucia, keeping Simona’s feet on the ground, guards a simple and healthy Piedmonts home cooking.

hotel – restaurant


Founded in 1885 by Ortolani di Crescentino, a former soldier in Garibaldi’s army, who came to Cisterna after the Expedition of the Thousand, the Restaurant Garibaldi was managed from this family until the ’40s, when Giacomo Vaudano purchased it and Enrico Vaudano succeeded. Nowadays the restaurant manager is Bartolomeo Vaudano supported by his children Chiara and Francesco, her wife Mariangela and Luca and Elisabetta. The restaurant stands out for the continuous research of the ancient local receipts. Moreover for some years, the restaurant has been producing the famous “Mostarda d’uva di Cisterna d’Asti” -pickled fruit of Cisterna d’Asti grapes. The restaurant is very welcoming, featured by smart little dining rooms where the ancient furniture of the previous business has been kept. The outstanding characteristic of the restaurant is its great hospitality, thanks to the kindness and cordiality of the family Vaudano who welcomes and entertains his guests.